With six years of experience as a health and nutrition coach in NYC, Fran is NSCF, NASM, and Precision Nutrition certified and works primarily with middle-aged women, runners, endurance athletes, and post-rehab patients.

Fran specializes in body recomposition and weight loss, running/performance, and posture and pain reduction. His clients lose an average of 20 lbs after working with him for at least 3 months, and many have ran and PR’d their first competitive races as a product of his coaching.

Born in Schenectady, New York, Fran is a former collegiate basketball player and track and field champion at CCNY. Since 2017, he’s run multiple marathons and Spartan races. Injuries and athletic breakthroughs during his sports career piqued his interest in physical fitness, and illnesses in his family have made him passionate about holistic health.