Stephen, better known as “Ferg”, was born and raised in Queens. Growing up with two brothers and playing sports, his competitive drive started at an early age and helped push him to become a dual sport all-city athlete.  In hopes to help younger generations learn the fundamentals of sport and play, Ferg went to college for Physical Education and started his career of teaching.

He found his passion of fitness two years later after taking a part time position personal training, which also led to an interest in CrossFit. He is now a CrossFit Level 2 trainer, USAW sports performance coach, FRC mobility specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Active Life Coach.

As a personal trainer he thrives on pushing his athletes to their full potential, making them achieve things they never imagined doing. He believes in hard work and dedication while still keeping things fun.  The rest of his time with his spent with his wife, dog and donuts.

CrossFit Level 2 trainer
USAW sports performance coach
FRC mobility specialist
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Active Life Coach.

Ethan and Stephen also run the small group training at Fitness Lounge! 

Our semi-private program caters to our clients personal needs, limitations, and abilities. From day one, every client is initially assessed based upon their uniqueness, and the best possible program is developed by their assigned coach. We NEVER force a client into a one-track program. This process allows us to successfully progress each and every individual to achieve their specific goals.

Please contact [email protected] to schedule your initial assessment.